I’m Here!!

Hello world! My name is Veronica and want to create a place where people can come together and share their experiences and thoughts on death and dying. I want to offer a loving enviroment, support, and some education along the journey that each one of must partake in at some point in our lives.

My personal experience includes the death of my aunt in 2000 due to breast cancer. Secondly, my granny passed in 2001 in a car accident.

Whether you are preparing for death of a loved one or the passing happens suddenly, they both hurt just the same.

When my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer, she chose not to tell anyone at first because she didn’t want to feel the ‘weight ‘ of anyone’s worries on her shoulders. She chose alternative medicine without conventional medicine. This cause much friction between her and her husband. Her argument was that it was her body, thus her choice. She had a lumpectomy and opted out of chemotherapy. Almost two years later, she felt another lump. Again not telling anyone, she lived this way for three years. Finally, her husband and mother talked her into receiving conventional, western, therapy. She had a mastectomy followed by chemo and radiation therapies. She had been cancer free for about five months when the cancer returned. This time it was in her brain. She lived about two months then passed.

I was very close to my aunt and had never had anyone close to me die. I am a Christian and know that there is something greater after this world. I just missed the availability of picking up the phone and asking her all sorts of questions whenever I want. When I have quieted myself, I have had some experiences where I have felt her presence, and it just makes me all warm inside and I can’t help but to smile. Sometimes it’s not even when I’m quiet, I’ll be in the middle of dinner and the thought of her comes flooding into my mind. Someone says a phrase that she would have said or I see something on TV or a movie ,and other times it is something I have read that reminds me of her. It may not be as convienient as picking up the phone, but I guess t this is the way we comunicate now.

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