Ed, Farrah & Michael

This past week has been filled with many famous icons that have transitioned. Ed McMahan passed earlier this week. My memories of him go all the way back to the days that my parents used to go out dancing and my sister and I would stay at my Granny’s house. You remember the ones that had a dial to change the channel. She loved watching the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and Ed McMahan, his side kick. Since she only owned one TV, we all watched the Tonight Show. Although I don’t think we laughed as hard as she did, I do remember them being quite funny. Far from funny, the last times Ed McMahan was in the news was for the financial troubles that he was experiencing.

I wanted to be a just as beautiful and cool as Farrah Fawcett when I was young. Talk about transforming her legacy, she went from ditzy, beautiful blonde to a strong courageous woman who documented her final days battling cancer.

Some people around the world are calling Michael Jackson The King of Pop. He revolutionized music not only here in America, but all around the world. He was listed as the most successful artist of his time. (How do you measure success?) The music of his early years remind me of many family trips. I can remember some of my boyfriend relationship and breakups in relation to many of his songs as well. He was a part of the ‘We Are The World’ album that sold 20 million copies raising money for the hungry in Africa. Later, all the accusations of child molestation flooded the news. Some people believed that he was guilty, while others believed that he never had a childhood and built his Neverland and surrounded himself with children trying to capture and relive his childhood. Whatever you choose believe, he was still a very talented, iconic music figure who is known around the world.

What kind of legacy are we leaving?

What are we choosing to remember about those who have transitioned?

Just as each of the famous icons who passed, we all have made some poor choices leading to some not-so-positive views that others may have of us. On the other hand, we all have accomplished or possesed some very positive attributes and actions that we are proud to call our own. I feel that is what makes us human, the fact that we can live and learn from all of our experiences.

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