Planning Ahead

No one knows the exact time we will leave this earth. If we had that ability, I don’t think I would want to know. We don’t have to wait until we are diagnosed with a terminal illness in order to plan ahead. Funerals have a way of slowing us down, if not stopping us in our tracks in order to evaluate the order of our affairs. Think of the burden taken off of your loved ones when you take responsibility now of the choices that will need to be made during difficult times. Most people probably haven’t even stopped between meetings, work, and family responsibilities to ponder such important choices.

I found this website and thought it to be a very thought provoking. I haven’t made a ‘plan’, much less downloaded a form to fill out and share with my loved ones. Not only am I going to begin structuring my plan, I am going to let my family know about them as well. My intention is to share this site so that you too can just begin to make a plan in the convenience of your own home.

Calculate your Death Date

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