Transformational Support


Are you willing to take the ultimate responsibility to make a conscious, graceful, and peaceful transition?
Are you struggling with the fact that no one wants to talk about dying or you don’t feel prepared?

If so, I can help you through the transitional, transformational times of death and dying with online and phone support. Through the four sessions, learn how to address fears, heal relationships, put your affairs in order, set an intention for your transition, create a vision board, define your legacy, relax and let go of anxiety, and consciously choose to make this time of your life the richest, most valuable, and full of quality.


Through the four sessions, learn how to ask the right questions regarding the end of life wishes of your loved one. Discussing pallative care, funeral arrangements before the person has transitioned can be very helpful and healing. Purging/ cleaning the house, and dealing with paperwork with your loved one can lift the burden and confusion of addressing those issues after they have transitioned. Learn how to support them and how to receive support from them and others. Learn simple breathing and relaxing techniques that include visualizations and meditations. Learn how to replenish yourself through the foods you eat before you care for your loved one. Learn how to create memories. Learn how to ‘be there’ with them.

I am offering transitional support with an investment of:

(4) 45 min sessions of transition coaching for $187.00

(4) 45 min. transition coaching sessions

Contact me for further information or with any questions.